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Tirolia. The Speedition.

"Spedition" originally comes from Latin, because "expedire" means something like "to untie, to free." Loosely translated, it is about "letting go of products into the world". Nowadays there is also the time factor. Which means as much as ASAP - as soon as possible or as quickly as possible. A forwarding agency must therefore be measured against Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.
e = mc². The faster things get moving, the less time goes by. With which we would have made the Connex for the Tirolia Speedition. The quickest and most efficient way to find the right shipping company is by adding the additional "e" mentioned above in the right place. Then the forwarding company becomes the "Speedition". The high-speed version of the conventional freight forwarder, so to speak.

The online shipping company?

Fast. Reliable. Straightforward.

Tirolia is rich in experience. Continuous development is in our DNA. When the forwarding company was founded in 1983, fax was the new trend medium. We have participated in all relevant developments and are therefore always up to date. Everything is getting faster, more virtual and more complex. In order for today's economic world to function smoothly, the gears from the delivery of raw materials, production, delivery, further processing, etc. must mesh precisely in order to guarantee smooth processes. But there are always distances to be overcome between the individual steps, logistics solutions are the be-all and end-all. In a networked world this means: digital forwarding.

What makes Tirolia Spedition a Speedition!

Find your shipping company.

So what is the secret of our success? Visionary thinking combined with many years of experience and courageous implementation! There is also an extensive international network of freight partners who, like our customers, appreciate the reliability and handshake quality of the Tirolia Speedition. Because despite the technology-oriented orientation, people still count at Tirolia first and foremost. A fair deal with our partners, perfect working conditions for our employees and the knowledge of our customers that Tirolia always stands for quick solutions are our success factors. Over the years we have learned in constant dialogue with our customers what really matters in our business. Fair and transparent conditions, personal contacts, individual commitment and time-saving processing of all special requests. Thinking in terms of solutions is our answer to all challenges. Because one thing is clear: "There's no such thing at Tirolia!"

The advantages of your digital shipping company.

Find your perfect shipping company.

Online Auftragserteilung bequem, schnell und einfach in weniger als 1 Minute.
Was auch immer wir für Sie organisieren, checken oder eintakten dürfen, es wird am direkten Weg erledigt. Sie wünschen, wir machen!
Sie haben einen persönlichen Ansprechpartner mit weitreichender Entscheidungskompetenz.
Transport bei Tirolia ist People Business. Wir sind persönlich für Sie da, Sie erhalten Antworten und Lösungen auf Ihre Herausforderungen immer sofort und unkompliziert. 

Sie kommunizieren mit uns mündlich und schriftlich in Ihrer Muttersprache.
Tirolia around the world. Ihre Speedition ist international. Wo auch immer Sie herkommen, wir erledigen Ihr Business mit Ihnen in Ihrer persönlichen Komfortzone!

Sie können den Stand Ihrer Geschäftsbeziehung über einen individuellen LogIn einsehen.
Transparenz ist unser Credo. Sie sind immer live dabei, denn Sie können online jederzeit und von überall Ihren Status abrufen.

Sie können Transportrouten 24/7 online abrufen.
Tirolia around the clock. Durch unsere automatisierten Systeme können Sie permanent checken, welche Transportrouten wie wann und in welcher Form verfügbar sind.

Nutzen Sie unseren Speed! 
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Tracke & Trace – Verfolgen Sie den Sendestatus
Online können Sie von der Be- bis zur Entladung den Status der Senund verfolgen. Der prozentuale Stauts des Transports zeigt Ihnen, wie weit der Auftrag bereits abgearbeitet wurde.


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