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Truck and container transport.

“On the road again” or “Your truck delivers it personally”. The truck is an integral part of the European freight scene. Because for several reasons, truck transport is still one of the most popular methods of transporting goods, raw materials, etc. from one place to another. We at Tirolia organize the cheapest and most suitable provider, so that you can book one of the numerous international cargo transport routes immediately at the push of a button. Benefit from our many years of experience for the quick transport of your goods.

The advantages of truck cargo:

  • The great flexibility due to the extensive (high-speed) road network in Europe and the easy organization of truck transport
  • The large range and flexible route planning
  • The uncomplicated transport including loading and unloading from door to door.
  • The low cost compared to other transport options.
  • The fast, flexible and easy route planning and organization by Tirolia, your Speedition
  • In contrast to the transport of goods by rail, a truck or van does not have to adhere to fixed timetables and routes.
  • Large quantities of goods can be carted across Europe relatively easily.
  • Depending on the weight and type of goods, these can be stacked on the loading area of ​​the transporter and stacked to save space. Of course, bulky goods can also be transported, but not quite as cheaply but effectively.

The disadvantages of truck transport are, for example, the environmentally harmful exhaust gases that are generated every day when fuel is burned. Forwarding and transport companies are struggling with the ever-increasing fuel prices and the innumerable requirements of truck transport. Regional night driving bans and electronic monitoring of break compliance for drivers are just a few examples. For truck drivers, the regular congestion on transit routes during core times and in construction site areas is a problem that should not be underestimated.

Truck transporters and piggy bag services

Truck haulage companies and well-organized transport intermediaries are increasingly switching to combined transports due to the increasing volume of traffic and requirements. Trains offer the option of piggy bag service. Here the trucks are driven onto the train, the truck transporter, and can "piggyback" a part of their way in an environmentally friendly, fuel-saving manner and without traffic jams.


Book by click. Transport at the push of a button. Time is our capital, which is why today everything has to be on time. The tedious gathering and evaluation of offers for your truck transport are neither timely nor useful. That is why we offer you your cargo options online and speedy. Your advantage? You immediately have an overview of all possible transport routes and can choose and book the best offer for you.

Transport service at the Tirolia trucking company

For the reasons mentioned above, trucks remain a popular means of transport for the delivery and transportation of goods and raw materials. The transport variant, which is cheaper than air and more flexible than ship and train, is very popular with European companies, not least because of its flexibility and low cost. By organizing the trips via forwarding agents and transport companies, the use of the trucks can be organized in the best possible way and costs can be minimized. When it comes to transport issues, companies like to consult forwarding agencies such as Tirolia in order to enable secure and inexpensive transport. Due to the large number of customer inquiries and organizational possibilities, freight forwarders such as Tirolia can organize goods from different customers that are to be transported to the same or similar locations and destinations in a timely and cost-effective manner. In contrast to transport agents, many forwarding companies also take responsibility for the smooth and undamaged transport of the goods or offer their own transport insurance.

Truck container loading and load securing

Cargo security is an important factor, especially with container cargo, so that the cargo arrives safely at its destination. The container loading also plays an important role before transport, as the containers can be loaded quickly and in a space-saving manner thanks to ingenious and individual stowage plans. This means that there is also the possibility that less loading space may be required than expected.

Transport insurance

Truck cargo insurance
There is often a misconception that you can save by foregoing insurance. Unfortunately, you usually only notice this when it is too late and damage has already occurred. Since the carrier's liability is rather limited during truck transport and we want to save our users additional costs and time, we urgently recommend taking out truck freight insurance. The costs for this are relatively low and you are still covered. Save your nerves, time and money and cover your transport insurance right here.

Customs clearance of your truck freight

Tirolia also offers a customs clearance service for fast and cheap cross-border transport. The often complicated customs clearance is carried out by our experienced customs brokers, so that you can enjoy smooth truck transport.

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