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Your freight exchange.

Freight exchange online.

The exchange for freight - as the name suggests. Where freight meets transport offers. And loads on invitations to transport. Freight exchanges were originally set up to avoid empty journeys by vehicles. By bringing together loads and freight providers on platforms - mostly managed online - continuous route planning for vehicles can be optimally planned and consistently filled with loads.

Through the online offer of freight exchanges, the offers and needs of freight forwarders, logistics service providers, freight forwarders on the one hand and dealers or producers who have to transport loads on the other, are brought together with the offers of transport companies that offer free capacities . All available trucks and loads are brought together and optimally combined on a virtual marketplace.

How does an online freight exchange work?

On the online portal of a fruit exchange, logistics service providers as well as freight carriers or manufacturers can publish their loads, including detailed information on when and where, on which routes and on which dates they have to be delivered. On the other hand, transport and forwarding companies can post their empty trips and thus fill the trucks and offer new transport routes.

The main purpose of a freight exchange is to bring together supply and demand in the transport sector in order to achieve optimal capacity utilization and, as a result, low prices. Avoiding “empty kilometers” also guarantees a more sustainable approach to the environment and emissions-friendly driving. The benefits of efficiency are clear: Since the transport sector accounts for 60% of the world's oil consumption and an estimated 25% of all trucks on European roads do not transport freight, billions of euros are wasted on fuel every year. The freight exchange system creates a real win-win situation, as both providers of loads can find trucks at competitive prices on the routes they need, but freight carriers also minimize empty kilometers and maximize profits.

On freight exchanges, both consignors and transport service providers benefit from the security of the entire transport process. This means a considerable reduction in complexity, especially for carriers and forwarding agents.

Freight exchanges usually offer the following services:

  • Access to a variety of destination countries
  • Pick-ups on request
  • Flexibility of pick-up and delivery options
  • Shipping rates for freight

Depending on the type of goods, distance and urgency, a variety of means of transport are used:
Freight trains, cargo ships, trucks, cargo planes

Freight exchanges offer all the advantages of an online marketplace: Here you will find a large number of transport companies for shipping your freight. The process is usually presented intuitively and simply, and the entire transport process is handled on a single platform. By bringing together complementary business partners, both benefit from the speed and quality of this end-to-end solution for the entire freight process.

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