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Your transports in whole europe we gladly take over for you! Tirolia – the professional transport company of your confidence. We know all guidelines and regulations for the national and international transport and we can advice you in the best way in things like costs / benefit.

Transport company Tirolia. Transport of goods of all types.

The term transport – refering to the goods, defines the process of bringing or taking away of goods, on a certain way with a vehicle (conveyance). Simply pronounced is this the process of the delivery or collection of cargo from one place to the other, for example the transaction of the goods from the producer to the seller either through an employee driver, or through an official transport company, like Tirolia Spedition.

Further differences in transport are: the internal operation transports and external operation transports. At the internal operation transports the owner of the transport object is not changing. Here for example it gets transported from one plant to the other. The external operation transports has to do with ownership transition and here for example it is going from the plant of the supplier to the point of sale of the customer.

International transport. Transports over the whole world.

In year 1936 the the International Chamber of Commerce , called ICC, have placed for the first time the Incoterms. Incoterms is the shorage of “International Commercial Terms”. Because of the introduction in the international transport system the rights and obligations of the single parties have been settled exactly, and therefore any difficulties in communication for the terms of conditions can be avoided, as well on international basis.

The Incoterms control exactly, who is responsible for the transport costs and who is taking the financial risk, if goods get lost. The payment conditions, the place of court and the transition of owners right on to the seller are not regulated by the Incoterms. This has to be agreed in every single situation. The actual valid Incoterms for the “international transport” are the “INCOTERMS 2010” and “INCOTERMS 2000”.

Austria transport. Your austrian transport company.

The Tirolia Spedition is the Nr. 1 of transport companies in Austria. With more than 95% of customer satisfaction and a well organized and structured enterprise the transport can get organized fast and reliable. Furthermore is there the possibility to make the transaction in the respective mother language. This is a large plus for the international operating transport company Tirolia. The ISO 9001:2008 certificate confirms the professional transaction of transports and services in forwarding.

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