Spedition Tirolia: Mehr als ein Transportvermittler

Von Spedition zu Speedition

The Tirolia Spedition is the Nr. 1 of transport companies in Austria. With more than 95% of customer satisfaction and a well organized and structured enterprise the transport can get organized fast and reliable. Furthermore is there the possibility to make the transaction in the respective mother language. This is a large plus for the international operating transport company Tirolia.

Forwarding & transport service

Forwarding agents organize the transport of any kind of merchandise. But here is not only meant the shipping by road, ship, air or train for example, as the work of a forwarder is a lot more. At the beginning it is to find out which priorities the customer has, who wants to use the transport service and after this of course, the possibilities have to be verified. Further more, one of the main important things have to be elicited, the statement of costs of the transport route. Some more important challenges for the forwarding agents are:

  • the transshipment – loading the goods from one vehicle on to the next
  • storing of goods – if there is a longer time beeing between the delivery and the taking further of cargo
  • additional services as insurance cover and customer protection

Forwarder vs. transport broker

As a professional forwarding agency we are more than only a transport broker. We kindly organize the transport of your goods and in additional we offer some more agreeable services.As a forwarder with transport service it is maybe the most efficient service to handle the transport-organisation-process in your mother language.

In the past the carriage of the merchandise was the main business of a forwarding agent. The modern forwarders, like Tirolia Spedition, have been developed in the last years to real logistic professionals. Not only transports are getting organized, but as well additional services, like advices with regards to additional insurances of the goods. The Tirolia Spedition is as well taking over the responsibility of the safe transport of your merchandise.

Just transport brokers are advertising with cheap rates, but the disadvantages are often getting underrated. A not sufficient advice and lack insurance could cause much higher costs, than a competent transaction with an experienced forwarder, which is taking over in additional and non-obligatory the responsibility of the transport of the goods.

The „ Austria Spedition“ Tirolia is shining qualified personal

Thanks to our perfect educated personal we are the austrian forwarding agent Nr. 1. We are very proud of our content customers of over 95% and nevertheless or therefore always solicitous to get improved in all our working processes. The Spedition Tirolia has the nickname Speedition and because of this there is for the whole time in project only one contact person, which is always solicitous to give a straight and comprehensive advice.

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